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Normally I'd quote my usual "If My people..." Bible verse from Jeremiah here...but let me quote Willona Woods instead: "Negro please!"

BTW I am loving this girl Simha Jamison. She is my new personal hero...she sounds like the real sister from the Southside who is not the least bit pressed about being in a high profile trial. I can see the "and?" and the "Now run and tell that" look on her face now. Probably rolls straight to her regular Friday hair and/or nail appointment after she's done and then to play bid whist at her friend's kitchen table. Trust.

The Little Man Defense | CRUNK + DISORDERLY || WE CAN'T.: "I can’t and I will not.

R. Kelly’s lawyer Sam Adam Jr. has suggested that an alleged sex tape featuring the R&B star could have been created using the special effects technology from the film Little Man.

Kelly - currently standing trial on child pornography charges - saw his lawyer argue to the court that a video showing him allegedly engaging in a sex act with an underage girl may have been tampered with using computer graphics.

During the defense’s cross examination of the victim’s friend Simha Johnson, Adam asked the witness if she had seen the film Little Man.

He said: “They put the head of Marlon Wayans on a midget and it looked real, didn’t it?” Jamison replied “Not really!”, causing the courtroom to erupt into laughter. [source]"


Warm Up the Bus, Hillary ...

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Not a good look when your gear is 50% off before the election is over...
I took this at a Campaign 2008 gift shop in Washington Reagan airport last week.


(Editor's Note: Updated blogcarolinas contact links below--K)

Austin, Silicon Valley, DC, and New York City need to be nervous.

Today's BlogCarolinas confirmed what I and many others already strongly suspected: the blogging and social media expertise in Research Triangle Park, NC is for real.
Given the wealth of technology companies and world-class universities here, this should be a no-brainer, but some people still only think of Mayberry when you mention North Carolina.

I'm just glad I had the chance to experience this. (Felt like I was hanging out with the cool kids in high school ;-)I had the opportunity to meet some terrific people and share ideas. You can review the TweetStream and see what you missed here.

Shout outs to my current and new fellow BlogCarolinians:


by Dave Snyder

Another take on yesterday's wonderful BlogCarolinas from SEO expert
Dave Snyder(twitter: davesnyder) . Dave came all the way up from
Florida to be a part of BlogCarolinas...quite an endorsement I'd say.
Here's his post:

The Triangle is a Hot Bed for Social Media


My first social media conference. Feels like I am hanging out with the cool kids in high school.In the Engaging the Customer session. Money quote from Cord Silverstein of Capstrat "The web never forgets."


My "Oh Snap!" award winner this week is the African-American political blog "Jack and Jill Politics". This is one of those "if you know you'll get the title, and if you don't you won't" blogs. (And I'm not going to explain it unless I get asked.) I love how it is irreverent, doesn't take itself too seriously, and pulls no punches on politics. Props to my blog sistafriend Lynne d. Johnson for putting me on to this site. My favorite subhead on the site? The "Black Behind Coverage/Disclaimer"

Jack and Jill Politics, you are the "Oh Snap!" award winner this week!


Loving the iGoogle Designer Themes

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I'm a Google fiend. I was elated when they finally came out with a portal so I could detach myself from MSN. Today I noticed they have a bevy of "artist" themes you can apply to your iGoogle page. They use the term artist quite loosely,however. Contributors include Dolce and Gabanna, Phillipe Stark, the Beastie Boys, and Lance Armstrong. Still, very nice to change up the mix from the start white with blue links. I'm rocking the Phillipe Stark theme at present. It changes color schemes periodically too. Check them out here.


Kristasphere Unplugged...

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Taking some long overdue time off and unplugging. Here's a girls vacation themed video "Ladies Night" by Lil Kim, Missy, Mary J. etc. until I return.


Bomani Jones' ESPN2 Cameo Appearance

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Don't call it a comeback, he's been here for years...

My favorite sports journalist and play cousin Bomani Jones(right) makes a cameo appearance today back at his old post on ESPN.com's Page 2. Read his take on the "beautiful absurdity of Clay Bennett and T.Boone Pickens" here. You can also listen to him on the "Sports Saturday with Bomani Jones" radio show locally on AM850 the Buzz .


Queen Rania Uses Social Media (RGM) to Fight Stereotypes of the Arab World

Really inspiring and insightful use of social media. From the Ogilvy Digital Influence blog.


My sister once said the Marley's are kind of the "Kennedy's of Jamaica. Cedella Marley Booker or "Mother B" as she was known to his fans, presided as matriarch over the legendary Marley family and was a force in her own right. Take your rest Mother, and as Bob would say, "Jah bless."

Bob Marley's mother dead at 81 - 04/09/2008 - MiamiHerald.com: "Bob Marley's mother dead at 81
Posted on Wed, Apr. 09, 2008
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Cedella Marley Booker, mother of late reggae icon Bob Marley, died Tuesday night at her South Florida home after a long illness. She was 81.

Booker was surrounded by loved ones inside her South Miami-Dade home and was ''very happy and very peaceful,'' said daughter-in-law Sharien Booker. ``Her vision was always to bring people together. She was a very loving person, and we know she's happy.''

Booker's grandson, Ky-Mani Marley, an accomplished musician himself, told The Miami Herald she had always been a ``caring and supporting person in my life. She was always there to help me -- even when I didn't ask for help, she knew I needed help. She had that instinct to know when things were wrong and had the courage to fix it.''

Marley said the family was fortunate to be by Booker's side.

''We all live very close by, really just blocks away, so we were all in the vicinity,'' he said.

And though Booker had been struggling recently with heart problems, her death still came as somewhat of a shock, her grandson said.

''We knew she was sick, and she'd keep fighting and pulling through,'' he said. ``So it was"


Meeting Bill Cowher at Char Grill

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For the uninitiated, Char Grill is a Raleigh institution. On the weekends, after golf, after kids'soccer or swim practice, this is the destination spot for fresh grilled burgers. Last nightI decided to divert from my "You On a Diet", and get a steakburger when I see a lanky guy in sunglasses with a thick mustache and strong square jaw line.So I'm thinking...looks familiar...wait he lives in Raleigh right?...naw...yeah...maybe. I turned my attention back to filling out my order sheet,popping it in the slot in the grill window,and ensuring it slides down the chute into a Tupperware dish. You get the sense it's been this way since 1957. Back to further review of the coach.

Being my mother's child, I walk over, sit down on the bench next to him,and look at his shoes. Cole Haan loafers-bingo! (Hey its a girl thing.)So I lean over and let him know I'm not about to scream like a teen girl meeting the Jonas Brothers and ask "Are you Bill Cowher?" In a low voice he says"Yes" So I shake his hand, (Baby butt soft, definitely doesn't cut his own grass.) introduce myself, ask him how retirement's going. He says "Hey don't you write that blog the Kristasphere? I love that blog!" (NOT)

I decided not to ask for a photo or autograph. Char Grill's kind of common ground in Raleigh; we figure everyone has the right to wait to hear their number called and get their sandwich in peace, including NFL Superbowl winning coaches. I watch Bill get his order, make small talk with the cashier, get in his Benz SL convertible, and disappear onto Strickland Rd.


"Whoa! Look out! Whoooooooooo!"

What makes a Geico customer go on TV to praise their car insurance, with Little Richard? What creates word of mouth? Since I'm now a card-carrying member of the Society for Word of Mouth on Ning, I started thinking about products, businesses, organizations, etc. which I learned of through WOM.I think it may be interesting to post about these "True WOM Hollywood Stories", and set off a decent meme in the process. I will contain my discussions to entities or products that to my knowledge, don't do any advertising.

Here is my first one. I'll give a synopses and then break down the details.

I take my car to a shop called The Car Place for service here in Raleigh. After a really frustrating experience at the dealership, I called a friend's father, who does paint and auto body work, to ask where to take it for repairs. He immediately said "Pat and Ronnie" (two of the owners). They're so personable, few people I know ever refer to the shop as by its name,The Car Place just "call Pat and Ronnie." I took his advice, and haven't taken my car anywhere else since.

Why I like them is, you just feel at home and among friends when you are there - in short they sincerely care. I guess it is my small-town upbringing, but I like to do business where people know my name, ask about my family, etc. These guys could give a clinic on how to treat customers. They have state of the art equipment, and are highly skilled mechanics, yet they never lose the personal touch. I can recall a few times when I've had an early morning appointment, whoever was going to get breakfast and coffee for the crew, would ask me what I wanted as well and bring it back. (NOTE: This isn't a company policy, so don't go rolling in there expecting a free chicken biscuit with your oil change; I think WOM is also a relationship built over time between seller and customer.)

When I've had an unexpected problem, they bring me out into the shop to look at the car on the rack and show me in detail what's wrong and why. I've never once felt they were juking me for unnecessary repairs. In summary they've earned my business by earning my trust and respect, and I gladly "evangelize" for them if someone asks.

Now, I want to examine if there is a process to this. How did I become an evangelist for The Car Place?
  • I had a customer need - service on my car.
  • I had a bad experience with another business.
  • Someone I considered an expert in auto repair who's opinion I trusted recommended them.
  • I had a positive experience first time out.
  • Over time, and that phrase can't be stressed enough, my positive initial experience was confirmed by my subsequent ongoing relationship with the shop.
  • I don't feel I will lose credibility by giving them a recommendation.
As I read it, the power in this construct is the next to last bullet. There are no shortcuts to customer relationships. It's like romantic love; you can't make or coerce someone into falling in love with you -they either do or they don't on their own.

Okay, I now tag Andy, Lynne, Spike, Peter, Jeremiah, the SWOMand Angela. Comment and tell me how you came to evangelize for a product.

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I'm surprised they didn't give him life without parole for this stunt. Krispy Kreme is a North Carolina institution. Keep us from getting our hot doughnuts, and you are taking your life in your hands in the Old North State - word up. Oh and the money quote of the article? Upon revealing the traitor thief had left a variety of baked goods in the truck cab, Krispy Kreme route supervisor Dwight Bunce stated, "'It wasn't even our brand."--K

Police track down man in theft of doughnut truck

RALEIGH - It might not be the vehicle to steal if you want to avoid police scrutiny.

A 15-foot Krispy Kreme truck, with boxes of hot, glazed doughnuts painted on its side panels, was taken last week from the downtown store.

"Seems like he would have got something a little less obvious," said Dwight Bunce, a 68-year-old route supervisor for the company who discovered the theft last Tuesday.

Raleigh police were instructed to be on the lookout for a wayward Chevrolet doughnut truck. Two days later, an officer spotted it on South Saunders Street.

Dwight Edward Carter of 1205 Sawyer Road was charged with one count of breaking and entering and larceny, and one count of possession of stolen property, police reported.

"He was so close to the vehicle, the patrol officer put two and two together and arrested him," police spokesman Jim Sughrue said.

Carter was in the Wake County jail Monday with bail set at $30,000, a spokeswoman said.

Bunce said there was a mess in the cab when police returned it -- chocolate cookies all over the place, a partially eaten cake and doughnuts, though no Krispy Kremes.

"It wasn't even our brand," Bunce said.

By the way, this isn't the first time a Krispy Kreme truck has been boosted...



This just cracks me up.

Bloggers trying to buck up and beef with each other in cyberspace is like 50 Cent and Ja Rule with USB keys. You can just imagine the trash talk "Yeah mess with me and I got a Perez Hilton redirect for you right here, son!"

So today, Mack Collier at Viral Garden chronicled the Peter Kim v. Robert Scoble dust up. Peter Kim called shenanigans on Robert Scoble over what measurements matter on Twitter. And for good measure, Scoble throws in some requisite Jason Calcanis "haterade". Please guys really. I can see it now; at the next SXSW, they'll be throwing up blog gang signs...
Blogger gang sign as popularized on boingboing.

Wiki gang sign

What can we the blogosphere do to settle this blog beef? What we've always done in America, either dance it out...

or call in the Techno Viking...

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Chicago loved it when Queen Latifah dropped this house cut. Wasn't cheesy like some hip-house at the time. Enjoy this live performance from Apollo...K


Lenny Kravitz and Alicia Keys On Stage

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Quick follow-up to my April Fool's Day post. Two of my favorite artists
doing an impromptu collabo on stage in Paris. Thanks to Soulbounce.com
for sharing this.


My sociology teacher, Bruce Stevenson, opened class with a presumptive statement.

"I guess you heard the National Anthem yesterday."

Then with a look of pure bliss and reverence on his face he exhaled, "Prrrrrrrrrrrettiest thing I ever heard in my life." Mr. Stevenson knew his music, now. He'd played with a rock n roll band in the 60s called The Corvettes. They recorded a couple of hit singles and opened for Roy Orbison and Jan and Dean. This "pretteist thing he ever heard" was Marvin Gaye's immortal interpretation of the National Anthem at the '83 NBA All-Star Game, shown above.

It is a moment forever emblazoned in my mind. You never expect your teachers to be "hip". In small town Indiana, you don't expect your teacher to be hip to one of the legendary rock and soul singers, musicians, composers, and activists of all time. For that one single moment my world felt much smaller, as if we were all on the same page. Mr. Gaye had that affect on the music world and society his entire life.

You left us too soon, indeed. Happy Birthday Marvin.


Famed web strategist, blogger, and grad student Krista Summitt and Grammy-winning rock star Lenny Kravitz announced their engagement today. The power couple will tie the knot in the Bahamas this summer on the private island the couple just purchased. The island will have wi-fi installed in time for the nuptials to allow the press to live blog and Jeremiah Owyang to live Tweet himself into a stupor. Ring bearer will be Krista's nephew Keegan, who will immediately join Kravtiz' band as a drummer after the ceremony.

Summitt explained "I saw this interview on CBS Sunday Morning with Lenny a couple of weeks ago where he said he was saving himself for the right woman because of his Christian faith right? And I said to myself 'Hey I'm single,been saved and baptized since I was 10, I'm a licensed minister. so ,here am I send me!' My people called his people and ba-da-bing, the rest is history." Close friend of the couple and sports journalist Bomani Jones will emcee the reception wearing Keith Lee's vintage pink fur coat. Jones attempted to contact Joakim Noah for a reaction, but reported he was too inconsolable to respond because he "missed his chance". Noah also refused to share any hair care secrets with Jones.

Today show host Ann Curry took her cameras to the midwest to get a reaction from Ms. Summitt's parents and captured this, including Mrs. Summitt almost taking Mr. Summitt out.:

Ms. Summitt's sister had this similar reaction:

After a honeymoon, the couple will split time between Manhattan, Bimini, and April Fools.

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This is from the evil genius mind of my "blog play cousin" Rich. Anyone who knows me probably thinks this is hypocrisy on my part, since Mariah is at the tippy-top of my "don't go there" list. I have to give honor where honor is due though, this is hilarious and wickedly creative. Btw, would Mariah's Flintstone name be Magmariah Carey?

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Redesign is Done @ the Kristasphere

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Basically because I'm tired of trying out new templates, I'm going with this one called red white by Jackbook. I have a couple of tweaks and alignments to make but overall I am pleased with my choice. I also got the comment function fixed which is key.

Many thanks to Esteban for his unbiased opinions on my design choices.


Test 1,2,3

By Kristasphere

Testing new comment feature


As you can see I'm trying out a couple of new template designs trying
to "redecorate" around here. Let me know what you think. This one has
pluses and minuses but I love the icons and the color scheme. Trying
a couple more out today so let me know what you think.


Starbucks embraces the 5th P: Church of the Customer Blog

Reminds me somewhat of Dell's IdeaStorm, but more streamlined. I plan to stay tuned to this one.--KS

Everyone's favorite marketing patient, Starbucks, has launched a suggestion box-cum-social network for customers.

MyStarbucksIdea collects the ideas of customers (my guess: just as many employees as customers), puts the ideas up for discussion and a vote. Starbucks says it'll keep members of the socnet updated as the popular ideas work their way through the company.

If Starbucks really follows through with its promise, this suggestion box-on-steroids idea is meritocracy via social network. The congregation is smarter than the preacher, so this could develop into a valuable, and tangible, asset for Starbucks.


Gave an interview today to NPR's Bryant Park Project show.Last year I wrote a
post on 24-7 Branding,
profiling my former church, Trinity United Church of Christ, and my former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Since I'm a BPP listener and participate in their online community, I was interviewed to give my feedback on Rev. Wright, Sen.Obama's speech, and my personal experiences at Trinity.

Giving phone interviews is an interesting process. They call you, then hang up and call you back so the sound engineer can start recording you. Then you have to count to 20 so they get a level on your voice, then the questions come. Interesting how they drop the interviewer's voice out and just use your responses in the final product. Thanks to Laura Conaway and Alison Stewart for the opportunity to be heard.

The BPP is an awesome show you should definitely check out if your work includes social media, WOM, blogging, or interactive media. I reviewed them for my grad school blog here.

On-air segment is here.

Bryant Park Project's blog post with more audio is here.


(originally written for my grad school new media blog here.)

"...and all the pieces matter." - Detective Lester Freamon, HBOs The Wire

The mantra above from HBO's The Wire refers to doing thorough investigation of all pieces of evidence, no matter how seemingly insignificant. I think the same theory applies in Spike's post today on brand identity and word of mouth. Convincing the folks in the C-suite that word of mouth experiences are the bricks in the wall of a brand's DNA is still a tough sell in 2008. Many businesses still look at branding and WOM like a Teacup Yorkie "Cute,cuddly, and expensive, but of no real value." In other words , anything that doesn't result in a direct physical product or a direct monetary gain is foo-foo dust." Bellowing about this haughtily sounds good in the boardroom,"Monitor Facebook? Yeah there's a good use of money bwaaahaha!" but it is realistically just plain foolish.

Unfortunately, many companies don't get religion on WOM until something bad happens. They get a negative blog post written about a bad customer experience. A political action committee issues a press release condemning their manufacturing practices. Someone creates a "Spacely Sprockets Sucks" group on Facebook which gets 2000 members in 24 hrs. Then companies want to employ what Spike calls the "add-on" approach,running around with their hair on fire(no pun intended), at the expense of being authentic.:

"And for ANY piece of word of mouth marketing to even have a chance to work – an overall movement, or even tactics - it has to be authentic to the company. Thus the dangers of the “add-on” approach. I’m not talking about slapping the logo on a piece of literature or blog. I’m talking about something that is true to the brand, including the voice. The attitude. The vocabulary. The values. And those things can only be found down deep in the identity of a company."--Spike Jones
For us as IMC practitioners, I think we have to be proactive and not wait for someone to tell us to go cultivate this important area of marketing. We have to go listen, be present, measure, feel, process, reflect, then sell our company on why this matters. Because all the pieces of a brand's identity matter. All the pieces matter.


My new piece I did for Black Web 2.0 here.


My New Electra Townie Bicycle!

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Call me a hipster, geek, fashion slave, whatever, but I love this new bike. Electra makes California-style cruiser bicycles(note the west coast candy paint.) The Townie line is designed for the "anti-cyclist", someone who gets tired just watching the Tour de France. More than that, for people like me who have degenerative disc disease (aka osteoarthritis) having the seat positioned further back from the pedals means no low back pain while riding.

Funny, this is the type of bicycle I wouldn't have been caught dead on as a kid, when 10-speed racing bikes were the bomb. Now, style takes a back seat to comfort for me.

Now to think of a name for it...

A little feature I added, dice valve caps.


Go here to find out who called shenanigans during a social media panel @ SXSW today.


I attempt to join the "Social Music Revolution" and write about my experience over on my grad school blog, .giga.media, here.


In a very timely case of HBO's "The Wire" imitating life, author Margaret B. Jones has admitted to fabricating her autobiography of life as a white member of the Bloods street gang in LA in today's NY Times. The Times covered Ms. Jones, real name Margaret Seltzer, book and life on Feb 28 here. This season's main story arc on The Wire is a story fabricated by a desperate reporter,Scott Templeton(above) about a serial killer who preys on the homeless in Baltimore.
Schwartz claimed to have grown up in a foster home raised by an older African-American mother with numerous African-American foster siblings. She actually grew up in tony Sherman Oaks,CA with her biological family and attended a private Episcopal school, according to the Times.

I had a gut feel after reading this story it was, at a minimum, far-fetched. Jones/Seltzer referred to her foster mother as "Big Mom" which is just not a correct term of endearment for one's mother or grandmother in black culture. Big Momma, mother dear ,or "mudea" yeah, but Big Mom? no.

She claimed to be able to make her foster mother, "Big Mom's" black-eyed peas and cornbread from memory and was thinking of writing a cookbook. She claimed to be done with gang life but hedged in the interview as to whether she was still considered a member. This photo(right) of her posing with a pit bull on a menacing metal pinch collar in red street gear(Bloods color is red) beside her angelic, well-dressed daughter(also in red) seemed to try too hard. Most former gang members don't still want to dress in anything resembling gang attire for fear of retaliation, let alone let their child do it.

What is most mind blowing to me is, is her editor never met her in the 3 years she was editing the book, and no one checked her unusual story out.

I'd love to hear what David Simon has to say on this.

NYTimes Reader Comments on the Times article here.


Air Obama Sneakers

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Obama's campaign has spawned all kinds of creative gear - tees with the "Celtic version" of his name "O'Bama" and a shamrock, or my favorite,"Barack the Casbah". Now a guy who goes by "van20" on MySpace is making custom Nike Air Force Ones with the Obama campaign theme. Love. It.! Link to site here.


This one sort of needs no further explaination. This weeks' Biz Markie "Oh Snap!" award goes to: Brains on Fire.

Brains on Fire is the blog of a South Carolina brand identity agency by the same name. If you are a creative type, or friend of one, the name is perfect. They engage in meaningful conversation on all things branding and buzz. Most recently, they started an innovative "marketer-in-residence" program where they invite a marketing luminary to come down and work with them for two weeks and blog about it. Plus, you have to love an blog where the agency gives someone the title of Firestarter, and their name is Spike Jones. Clearly Spike has his style game tight, too ...

Congrats Brains on Fire, for being awarded the Kristasphere's "Envy" award for the week.


Check out what I had to say over on .giga.media about new media making for lazy marketers here.


Seriously. In the 'Transitions' section - usually reserved to remember famous real people, not fictional characters. What'd I tell you yesterday? The man is a legend. Omar's Newsweek obituary is here.


I let out a primal "Nooooooooooo!" as soon as I saw the little boy holding the gun on him in the convenience store.

But with a pull of the trigger, Omar Little, the greatest character ever in the history of television, lay dead on the floor in front of the bullet proof glass. One clean shot to the head. It is a study in contrasts that his death was written so nondescriptly, while his character was anything but.

To an outsider, Omar's character probably sounds like a corny bar joke - a shotgun toting, black matrix duster coat wearing, Newport smoking, drug stash house robbing gunslinger, who also happens to be openly gay. But if you ever saw the flawless acting of Michael K. Williams, you would understand it was no joke. Williams' portrayal of Omar was as real as the scar that ran the length of his face. (bar fight in his younger days) What made me love this character so? I'll do this Bomani Jones style, in list format.

1. He had a code. While he was a wicked gunslinger, he "never did anyone who wasn't in the game." He literally robbed from the hood rich and gave to the poor, ala Robin Hood. Omar complied without complaint when his childhood friend, Detective Bunk Moreland, told him he didn't want "any more bodies on you" after springing him from a trumped up jail sentence. When you contrast him with the icy evil that is Marlo Stanfield, who would shoot Mother Theresa for looking at him wrong, you had to respect the man.

2. He was hilarious. Williams consistently had some of the best lines on the show, never took himself too seriously, and never played Omar as a stereotypical gay man.

  • He told his grandmother he "worked at the airport" to shield her from his real profession because it was the "one place she wasn't going to go looking for him."

  • While robbing a high stakes card game, he casually peered over his victim's shoulder, while holding a shotgun to his head, and advised,"I don't play cards but it seems to me 4 queens beats two 5s, yo."
3. He was unpretentious.
  • Disguised as a wheel-chair bound elderly man, shakes and all, gets himself wheeled inside a stash house so he can hold up. Pulls a pistol from under his coat and,upon being recognized, retorts "Do tell."
  • My favorite image is him leaving the house in a pair of turquoise silk pajamas and slippers, strolling down the street to get a box of Cherrios from the corner store, .44 in hand.
As it is a tradition on The Wire, when a policeman dies, they hold a traditional Irish wake and lay the departed out on the bar while singing traditional Irish songs. As such, I leave you with what I think is a very fitting song to send the character of Omar Little off with. Thank you Michael K. Williams for five of the best seasons TV will ever see. Do tell.

O, all the money e'er I had
I spent it in good company
And all the harm that ever I've done
alas it was to none but me
And all I've done for want of wit
to mem'ry now I can't recall
So fill to me the parting glass
Good night and joy be with you all

O, all the comrades e'er I had
They're sorry for my going away
And all the sweethearts e'er I had
They'd wished me one more day to stay
But since it falls unto my lot
That I should rise and you should not
I gently rise and softly call
Goodnight and joy be with you all


This will be a new series here in the Kristasphere, as they come up.

Technobabble 2.0

What it's about: "aims to showcase where AR, technology and social media has got it right and wrong."

Why I like it: It's just cool, and you know pretty well what it's about in one succinct term.


Want to let you know I've recently signed on as a contributor to the blog, Black Web 2.0. Ideally I'll contribute a post weekly. I'm honored to be a part of this blog and look forward to the experience. Link to my first post here. A little more about Black Web 2.0...

What is Black Web 2.0?

Black Web 2.0 addresses emerging web trends and how they apply to web properties that target African-Americans or African-American culture. There has been a recent surge of websites that target this demographic, some of which were existing and redesigned to take advantage of new web 2.0 technologies while others are start-ups. In addition to website and application launches we will be covering relevant Internet industry news as well as mainstream Internet industry news from an African-American perspective.

Social Networking
Emerging Trends
Digital Media
Web Content

Regular Features
Reviews on Websites and Web Applications.

“5 On It”
A short 5 question interview from individuals in the Internet industry.

“Week in Links”
A weekly list of favorite links from the staff on plug-ins, applications, blogs, and more.

“The Black Web 2.0 Show”
Monthly podcast from key players in the Internet industry.

“Hip-Hop 2.0″
Weekly insight into web 2.0 developments and trends in the Hip-Hop culture.