For the uninitiated, Char Grill is a Raleigh institution. On the weekends, after golf, after kids'soccer or swim practice, this is the destination spot for fresh grilled burgers. Last nightI decided to divert from my "You On a Diet", and get a steakburger when I see a lanky guy in sunglasses with a thick mustache and strong square jaw line.So I'm thinking...looks familiar...wait he lives in Raleigh right?...naw...yeah...maybe. I turned my attention back to filling out my order sheet,popping it in the slot in the grill window,and ensuring it slides down the chute into a Tupperware dish. You get the sense it's been this way since 1957. Back to further review of the coach.

Being my mother's child, I walk over, sit down on the bench next to him,and look at his shoes. Cole Haan loafers-bingo! (Hey its a girl thing.)So I lean over and let him know I'm not about to scream like a teen girl meeting the Jonas Brothers and ask "Are you Bill Cowher?" In a low voice he says"Yes" So I shake his hand, (Baby butt soft, definitely doesn't cut his own grass.) introduce myself, ask him how retirement's going. He says "Hey don't you write that blog the Kristasphere? I love that blog!" (NOT)

I decided not to ask for a photo or autograph. Char Grill's kind of common ground in Raleigh; we figure everyone has the right to wait to hear their number called and get their sandwich in peace, including NFL Superbowl winning coaches. I watch Bill get his order, make small talk with the cashier, get in his Benz SL convertible, and disappear onto Strickland Rd.