Gave an interview today to NPR's Bryant Park Project show.Last year I wrote a
post on 24-7 Branding,
profiling my former church, Trinity United Church of Christ, and my former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Since I'm a BPP listener and participate in their online community, I was interviewed to give my feedback on Rev. Wright, Sen.Obama's speech, and my personal experiences at Trinity.

Giving phone interviews is an interesting process. They call you, then hang up and call you back so the sound engineer can start recording you. Then you have to count to 20 so they get a level on your voice, then the questions come. Interesting how they drop the interviewer's voice out and just use your responses in the final product. Thanks to Laura Conaway and Alison Stewart for the opportunity to be heard.

The BPP is an awesome show you should definitely check out if your work includes social media, WOM, blogging, or interactive media. I reviewed them for my grad school blog here.

On-air segment is here.

Bryant Park Project's blog post with more audio is here.