They just won't let it die. HansBarbaro rides again.

I likened the collective media and fan hand-wringing over Tyler's bloody nose in this post last year to the sentiment over Barbaro's broken leg. Here we are 48 hours away from the Duke v. UNC game, and they are re-running the footage on ESPN like its the Zapruder film! (here's Gerald Henderson coming over the grassy-knoll like lane...)

This is a kid who eats octopus for dinner regularly, and can bench press a mule practically. Yet, every time he gets so much as a floor burn the media and fans come crying hysterically out of the woodwork like Jeff George's mother when he got his watch wound at Purdue (Google it).

Give it a REST people. This is not 8 and under T-ball. I should start a Tyler Hansbrough Injury Watch and Candlelight Vigil blog...