To bring you Tar Heel or ...or Wolfpack...or Blue I thought Indiana was b-ball crazy, but North Kak takes the cake in this department. At 9PM EST, the crawl on the local CBS station reads:

"Criminal Minds" and 'CSI NY" (yes the biggest franchise on TV) will be seen between 2:05AM and 5:00AM so that we may bring you UNC vs. Miami basketball. Please set your VCR or DVR to record during between 2 and 5am.
Smack in the middle of prime time TV. Mind you, this is not because of the writer's strike; this is par for the course in North Carolina. One of the CSIs, relegated to dead time like a rerun of "McMillan and Wife" I was FLOORED the first time I saw this occur on my screen, do you hear me?

In Indiana where I'm from, for IU basketball, a local Indianapolis station, WTTV Channel 4, carried the games unless they were on national TV on the weekends. Period. Not here. Slap it on in prime time; the number 1 show in the nation can wait. And I guarantee you if they ever dared cut a game off, it would be the Civil War II(or The War of Northern Aggression as they call it here.) at the TV station.