This has nothing to do with my blog's normal subject matter. It's just a rant I need to get out.

I am sorry, but the collective public and media hand-wringing over Tyler Hansbrough's broken nose has become as sappy as the vigil over Barbaro, the late race horse. I'm expecting any second to see Carolina blue ribbons being passed out and a candlelight vigil convened at the Dean Dome. He's already garnered one spoof post titled "Tyler Hansbrough through the heart of darkness resurrected."

In comparison, LA Clipper Shawn Livingston's leg, snapped now,....SNAPPED in half so hideously last week when he came down from a layup, it made Joe Theismann's broken leg look like shin splints. I have not seen one fraction of the press for that as I have for Tyler's relatively minor injury, in comparison, which probably happens every weekend at aany YMCA or playground across the country. Did you even know about Livingston's injury before I posted it? Didn't think so. (If you click to watch Livingston's video clip, listen to his screams on the audio if you don't believe me.) 13,100 hits when you Google 'Tyler Hansbrough Nose".

yesterday's paper? You can just hear the cautious breathing on TV as the announcers intone, (as if Hansbrough were lying in ICU somewhere) "Is he going to wear the mask or not?" "Did the doctors say he has to wear it for round 1?" "Is it comfortable?" "Is it hot?" "How does the mask look on him?"(sorry Bo) "Will it affect his senior picture in the yearbook?"(ok I hatched that one myself) What next, a message board off the UNC Hospitals site for us to leave our well-wishes like Barbaro? I'm not talking about just local media, but this has made ESPN TV and on-line. The caption under Tyler's picture celebrating their ACC tournament victory ?

"UNC center Tyler Hansbrough sheds his mask but wears a smile for the Tar Heels' postgame celebration."

Take me now,Lord.

Don't get me wrong. I'm an 'ABD' fan, (anybody but Duke) and I love the Tar Heels. I realize it was a Blue Devil that clocked him on a highly controversial play. And I do agree with Bill Simmons the Sports Guy's assessment of how Coach K would have reacted if it had been one of his players left looking like Floyd Mayweather Jr. had unloaded a hard right on his face.

Really,I think we should all emulate Tyler's attitude about this incident,which has been terrific. This is him arriving at the ACC Tournament this weekend: