Does this happen all over America, or just here?

With the surge in popularity here of the ubiquitous leather Rainbow flip-flops, I've noticed they stay on the feet of many North Carolinians year round.(full disclosure: I own a pair. Haven't left the closet since Sept.) Yes we have warmer weather than most, but on the rare occasions we have normal winter temps, the flip flops stay on. I have not figured this out in my 10 plus years of residence. The one common thread of logic seems to be this: if the sun's out, I can wear sandals. No matter the wind chill is 15 degrees, hey its sunny, so sandals on. If these optimists rocked full summer regalia - shorts, short sleeves, tanks - then I could make sense out of this phenomenon. But no, usually at least there's a sweater, fleece pullover, or winter jacket in the ensemble. Young people have never dressed as warmly as their parents would like because, well, it's in their parent antagonism contract. I get adolescent and pre-adolescent rebellion. College students and adults, not so much.

Okay North Kak, help me out here.