This is just TOO easy.

Remember Randy Watson, the legend-in-his-own-mind singer played by Eddie Murphy in Coming to America? The town of Roanoke Rapids, NC finally woke up and realized they'd been hustled by the Nashville equivalent of Randy Watson - Randy Parton. Hey, when you get banned from a theater that has your name on the front, after your salary and concert dates get cut back at that same theater - you sir are a Randy Watson. Let's look at it side by side,shall we?

Randy P. Randy W.

Out-of-style, long hair? Ponytail. Jheri curl. Check

Questionable talent? Double-check.

Delusional about said
talent? Check.

Crowd response? Crickets.

Holds mic in fingertips
a la Wayne Newton? Check.

See, you can morph them even....

Prior to this, Mr.Parton, was apparently famous for being the brother of Dolly Parton and having a Top 30 Country hit or two in 1981 . I'd personally never heard of Mr. Parton until he rolled into town sporting a waist-length ponytail and earrings with big promises of making Roanoke Rapids the next Branson, Missouri.
Full story is here.

Anyway, here's Randy Watson doing "Greatest Love of All". Maybe it'll cheer the other Randy up.