What is up with all the emotion around Social Bookmarking? We need a blogging talk show hosted by a Chris Matthews-type so we can see geeks shout at each other over too many tagging icons at the bottom of posts if it is going to be this entertaining! Now we have Wired weighing in with their rankings of various bookmarking services, which will no doubt raise more controversy. Mr. Gilbertson says the reason this has 'exploded' is that "storing your bookmarks online instead of the browser just makes money, er I mean, sense." True it's easier but we all know tags = spiders = searchability = Ads by Google,etc = $$$. If not clicking for bucks, as we see Web 2.o companies being bought out, the stakes are even higher (including Wired's purchase of Reddit.) I personally think the YouTube purchase by Google set off a small tremor of professional jealousy in the industry - after all they've barely been in business a year. Kind of like you dated someone for 5 years, and they marry the person they met 6 month after they dumped you. All's fair in love and buyouts guys, deal with it.