Bears: I'm in mourning for this sorry display vs. the Miami Dolphins. Surely Sweetness is still spinning in his grave over this loss. At Soldier Field. I said last year Lovie was too hasty benching fellow Boilermaker Kyle Orton, didn't I?

The Wire: A pretty light night in the Western. Herc continues to show how stupid a cop he is, trying to hassle Marlowe's crew. My favorite character, Proposition Joe gets the best monologue of the night impersonating a lawyer. Daniels gets a promotion. We get more of a look into Michael's uneasiness with male authority figures as his stepfather is back home from jail.
My man in the Coach bucket hat, Andre, gets caught in his lie to set up Omar when he tries to run it by Bunk. Wrong move; this isn't Bunk's first time to town. More here.
ONe thing they started this year is posting the songs you hear in the background from people's radios,etc on the show. The mix is as beguiling as the show itself, from The Pogues to Outkast. Episode 45s song list here.

Bulls: Still too early to call. At least we are not the Knicks.

Boxing: Floyd "I send myself Valentines" Mayweather Jr. wins the welterweight title from Carlos Baldomir, and apparently we wear the same pink gloves.(right) Who knew?