We've been under a winter storm warning here in North Kak since about midday yesterday. Forecasts varied from 1-6" of snow. The masses had packed the grocery store parking lots like it was Christmas Eve. (Full disclosure: I just needed milk. You don't wanna know how long that took.) So I head for home, settle in, and eventually catch the late news. So, after the weather forecast, what story immediately follows? Highway conditions, power, black ice? Wrong!

The next story detailed, UNC-Chapel Hill's, Duke's, and NC State's plans to clear the walkways and parking lots of snow and ice so fans could attend the home basketball games each had today. How detailed you may ask? The anchor assured us, in the same soothing tone used when a fugitive has been apprehended, that management at the Smith Center had "purchased 50 snow shovels and salt" to clear the walks and steps for this afternoon's game - like it was a church parking lot. Yes indeed, you may slide into the ditch unaware of black ice on the way to church Sunday sister, but you can safely go '"rah rah rah for Carolina" tomorrow afternoon, no problem.

And I absolutely love it :-) KS