I've been remiss in posting about the greatest television drama ever.

Maybe I'm in denial because this is the last season. Maybe because my blog pal Bomani does such a great job at recapping and shares my addiction. This season focuses on the role of the media, specifically newspapers, in the state of our major cities. It's great to see the brilliant Clark Johnson aka Meldrick of Homicide: Life on the Street, back as a hard-working, earnest city editor at the Baltimore Sun. This season as in all, it makes me feel a range of emotions, makes me think deeply. I feel Johnson's frustration when a reporter who has short-timer's attitude and half-hearted writing is tapped for a lead story. I wince when I see Michael, one of the 8th graders from last season, realizing just how deep he's in with Marlo Stanfield's team of assassins but helpless to get out.

The Wire holds society accountable and lays bare how various institutions and individuals -from the street thug to the statehouse- have all contributed to the decline of major cities in America. Don't say you weren't warned.

PS If Omar Little, the greatest character ever developed for TV, doesn't show up by tonight, I'm going to need therapy. With puppets.