Moo n Oink is a Chicago treasure. Its a chain of massive butcher shops in the city where you can buy fresh meat in bulk for unbelievably low prices. I still weep at not being able to buy chicken wings for .15 cents/lb anymore.It's been years since I've had a hot link, which is like a Chicago version of a polish sausage, but far spicier. Most folks make a trek there once or twice a year to buy meat to stock their freezers with for the summer bbq season and the brutal winters. I still marvel at the hospital-sized laundry carts full of chittlins they would have out. (if you don't know what chittlins are you might not want to.) Ok, enough of memory lane, here's the commercial. Yeah I know they are corny but we love the Oink just the same! Special thanks to my Chicago homie, the "Louis Vuitton Don", Kanye West for posting this clip on his fantastic blog, Kanye Universecity.
(Ok I don't know Kanye West and he doesn't know me, but I always wanted to say that.)