I've posted a couple of times at how much I love Chipotle Mexican Grill. I actually have a chicken burrito bol sitting on the kitchen counter as we speak, so this'll be short. I experienced something there the other day that could have served as a TV spot, or at the very least a customer testimonial.

I headed out a couple of weeks ago to pick up something for dinner, when I was caught in the type of storm that we in the South call a "gulley-washer". I soldiered on, reasoning it would let up by the time I got there. It didn't. I pulled in to a parking spot, and waited, and waited, and waited. I looked up, and there are no less than 4 cars to either side of me doing the exact same thing. We all look at each other in this mental game of 'chicken' as if to say "You going in?". All sitting there, high as gas is, idling our motors, windshield wipers beating wildly, waiting for the downpour to let up so we could go feed our burrito addiction. One brave soul pulled up to the curb and sent her son in to retrieve their meal. Me? I got creative and used my silver thermal sunshade as a covering and ran for it, looking like a grounded hang glider.

How many companies would kill for such cult-like devotion?