July 17, 2007 ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- A new survey out today shows that the Coca-Cola company’s intensive branding efforts this year have paid off as the soft drink has topped the ‘Best Brands” list by Harris Poll researchers. According to the company, the new findings have ousted Sony from the No. 1 slot, a position it held for seven years. The electronics giant is now at No. 2, followed in descending order by Toyota, Dell and Ford as most-recognized brands. “Top of mind association with being ‘best’ is a good position for any brand,” Robert Fronk, svp-brand and strategy consulting, Harris Interactive, said in a statement. “For a truly successful brand relationship though, the objective is not just awareness, but to foster the ongoing process and outcome of brand engagement...” Harris said the numbers were tabulated from a nationwide poll of 2,372 adults surveyed the week of June 5-11. The full results of the research are only available to Harris Poll subscribers. --Staff Report