After seeing the banners for this album on The Roots' site,, I got curious and clicked through. I am SO glad I did. From what I've heard so far, you could tell me this was pulled from the immortal 'Golden Age' of hip-hop from 1990-1993 and I would believe it. Brother Ali is a true lyricist. His flow and intonation make you wish for the rhymes of Tribe Called Quest, Black Moon, early Jay-Z, Rakim, or Bahamadia. No bling. No Cristal. No Benz. No trophy video girls. No grills. The production is crisp and definitely gets the head nodding. I'd say it was DJ Premier behind the boards if I didn't know better. What's especially refreshing about this album is Brother Ali does not have his whole neighborhood doing 'guest spots' on each cut. There is one, count 'em, one special guest. Period. I'll post a follow-up once I've had a chance to listen critically.