I'm on the Extreme Fat Smash plan now, by Dr. Ian Smith (of Celebrity Fit Club, Tom Joyner Morning Show, and NBC news fame). Started Saturday. Why Krista, you may be saying, I thought you were boxing?I am, and I still am, HOWEVER I admit I ;ve neglected the nutrition side of the "get fit" equation the last 2-3 mos, and it shows on the scale. And no I am not telling you how much I weigh. Men will sit around and discuss this like the sandwich they had for lunch, and most women I know would rather miss a hair appointment than come out with that figure, me included. Anyway the kicker is the program is designed to help you lose 12lbs in 3 weeks, per Dr. Ian.

I do like the fact that Extreme Fat Smash cuts out no food groups, is healthy, and allows for eating multiple small meals per day. Also he lays out a menu for each of the 21 days you are on the plan, so you know exactly what to buy and eat. Each day requires about 60 minutes of exercise, all at once or split into 2 30 minute sessions.

Lastly Dr. Ian kicked off his 50 Million Pound Challenge on Saturday to encourage African-Americans to lose weight and get in shape. Due to the health issues we are more prone to, heart disease, high cholesterol (me), high blood pressure, stroke,etc, it is doubly important that we take this challenge seriously.

If you want to check the book out, go here.
Dr Ian's Website: http://www.doctoriansmith.com/
50 Million Pound Challenge: http://www.50millionpounds.com/default.aspx

And no ladies he is not single. I checked for myself, trust.

I'll keep you posted on my progress. So far just feel a little light-headed. I suspect this is from cutting out the white sugar and white starch out.