Not being left-handed, it has been really hard for me to use the proper technique in throwing a jab. Mostly mine has just kissed the bag, but not ever felt solid. Part of it is coordination - you have to step with your front foot and push off on your back foot as you are throwing the jab, so as to get some 'ooomph' behind it. For the last week or so, we've been working on me
"turning my fist over" as I'm extending my left arm, so that it lands squarely.

Imagine my delight when I start my mitt work last night, throw a '1' and hear a loud WHAP! as my glove hits the mitt squarely! "Whoa where'd that hard left come from?" my trainer says. I actually got carried away and threw a double jab when my trainer was expecting a single - meaning she had no mitt up for me to hit. Thankfully she's a professional boxer so she instinctively "slipped the jab" as the saying goes and all I caught was air. (Not that I could really hurt her, still I'd feel terrible.) I was able to keep this up the rest of the ring work time, so I'm glad I am on the way to having that key element of the sweet science down.

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