I am sore. I mean deep down I don't want to lift my arms or move for that matter sore. Trainer just punished me last night. Granted due to the location changes we didn't meet for about a week but good Lord....

I show up at the new gym, get out my jump rope and prepare to do my usual 2 rounds warm-up. *in Charlie Murphy voice* "Wrong! WRONG!" What's my trainer say? 3 rounds on the rope. I look at her like I misunderstood, and she says 'yes that's right 3 rounds, welcome back." O-kay. And oh by the way, we have a traditional ring timer at the new place, so I got my wish. However, they have it set on 3 minute rounds w/30 seconds rest, not 1 minute. And from the looks of the serious boxers at this place, I didn't want to go flip the switch to 1 minute rest, lest I go missing. Yeah. Net-net I did the equivalent time-wise of a full 12 round match. Went like this:

  • 3 rounds jump rope
  • 3 rounds shadow boxing
  • 3 rounds mitt work
  • 3 rounds heavy bag
  • 100 sit-ups
There are mirrors here so I can watch myself shadow box on the training floor, rather than the ring. It was a strange experience; my form was better than I thought, but I felt like a fool hopping around punching air. At least in the ring it looks like you are supposed to be shadow boxing. On the training floor? You could be a boxer or a whacko.
So, out with the old, in with the new. My kingdom for a cryo-bath.