I'm calling it now; if you don't have an RSS feed, you aren't a blogger in my book. Crossover,slam dunk,game over. I'm going on record that ESPN's RSS feeds are piss-poor. Click'subscribe' in Firefox all day long and all you get is "Ooops can't find a feed." The Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, is one of my favorite online sports writers for a myriad of reasons.. One thing that endears me to him is he's a nerdy sports guy, and doesn't feign hipness in his writing by throwing in a 'for shizzle dizzle' just because he's at the All-Star Game or Superbowl with the brothers. He's not ashamed to say he's bemused by the elaborate handshake between the Phoenix Sun Shawn Marion and the rapper 50 Cent, that had "3 parts and 25 separate movements to it." (NOTE to Bill: It's actually called 'dap' or 'gripping up'.)

Back to the RSS feed....where is it? And no I'm not paying for ESPN Insider, whatever that is; my HD cable bill should more than cover you guys on that.

At any rate, Simmons' hilarious must-MUST-read coverage of All-Star Weekend, "The Hip-Hop Woodstock" can be found on ESPN's Page 2 here:ESPN.com: Page2

Get the guy a feed!