Cadillac has to be one of the brand reinvention success stories of this decade. They've very adeptly morphed themselves from your grandparents' cushy sedan to a way-cool cutting edge SUV and sports sedan brand which appeals to the coveted 18-35YO demographic. Cadillac took off like a rocket after the hip-hop community enthusiastically embraced the Escalade as it's SUV of choice, and they have not looked back since.

Enter their new viral video blog, My Cadillac Story. Customers can view celebrities and civilians sharing their own personal stoy on why they love these vehicles. Customers are also invited to join the club by "telling us your story" and submitting it for publication. Bingo I'm a star right alongside Travis Barker. I'm part of the club, I'm cool, right? They've established their own channel on YouTube as well as on their corporate site, and are running a drive-to-web teaser campaign in the Wall Street Journal and other publications. The one I saw featured Joan Jett. No vehicle mind you, just "Read Joan Jett's Cadillac story. Tell us yours. at" or some such thing.

And, well, the proof is in the proverbial pudding, as the Cadillac channel has racked up the following numbers:

Now, be honest, 10 years ago did you ever think you'd see Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker, hip-hop superstar Fat Joe, or veteran rocker Joan Jett shilling for Cadillac? Barker, in my view, is their most clever and strategic choice as a pitchman, and not only because of his heavily "tatted" and pierced physique. Barker is also well-established among car enthusiasts as an avid car collector and customizer by way of numerous apperances on various "Pimp My Ride"-type car customization shows on cable. This lends even more 'street cred' to the Cadillac brand. (still can't believe I wrote the term 'street cred' and Cadillac in the same sentence, but I digress.)

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