Kicked it up a notch for my workout last night. Did 6 rounds of sparring, and have been focusing on footwork and balance. It is really easy when throwing combinations to get out of your stance and get off-balance, which shows up in weak or missed punches. I can remember over and over when I was training kung-fu hearing my instructor shout 'sink your stance!', meaning to bend your legs more and get better footing. The same principle applies here. Many of the shots in boxing, require you to pivot on one foot or the other to generate power or torque. For instance, the left hook requires a simultaneous pivot on the ball of your left foot. However, you can't stand there and admire your shot, lest you catch a left hook to the jaw from your opponent! I'm learning there is a rhythm almost to 'resetting' yourself when sparring; you can throw punches, deflect, roll, or block incoming shots, but you always have to come back to a balanced stance and as the ref says 'protect yourself at all times' by keeping your hands up. You learn to be consistent with this because it gives you more options, and quite honestly keeps your opponent from knowing if you are bone tired!

At my request, we started incorporating more lower body/core work, as I felt I need strengthening in that area. So now we do 2 sets of lunges with 15lb dumbells in each hand, stationary squats with 15lbs, donkey kicks and calf raises. (Yeah I asked for this!) Friday I also did some plyometrics sets with a medicine ball called frog leaps. Think of leaping forward as if hoisting a half-court jumpshot, down the gym and back. 3 times. Yeah. As I have severe osteoarthritis in my lumbar area, this is much needed to keep the area strong. During classes, when we are doing crunches, the instructor comes around and lightly bounces the medicine ball off your abs. Yeah. I guess I had a look like "you better get this right pal" on my face b/c my instructor was cracking up when it was my turn.

Now hopefully I will be able to walk tomorrow!