Taking Brian Oberkirch's advice, I'm posting Jeremiah Owyang's advice on selling blogging inside your company. Amen, Jeremiah! --K

Web Strategy by Jeremiah » Web Strategy: How to be a Corporate Blog Evangelist: "Depending on the company DNA, creating and growing a business blogging program may be an easy or a difficult task.

Evangelists have a tough job in front of them as the program requires high and broad corporate approval. Articulating a vision to adopt a two-way, informal communication tool is a challenge when the medium associated with ‘teens’.

Here’s some strategies that I’ve learned, not just from my experience, but from the dozens of other blog evangelists I’ve met at recent conferences as well as online.

1. Read Blogs
Certainly a ‘duhism’ (I met Guy last night, I guess he rubbed off on me) but you really need to know the communication style and medium that you’re attempting to enter. Read both popular blogs, as well as blogs in your industry. Learn how to find them using a variety of tools, listen to the conversation."

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