I recently started subscribing to what I have termed customer loyalty blogs. The concept is simple: out of love for a particular product or service(or hate in some cases, but I won't go there), a blog springs up. I happen to be a customer of the 2 products praised in these blogs myself: Molskine and Starbucks. The Molskinerie customer blog is now owned by the company who bought out Molskine, which is a separate topic in and of itself. Starbucks Gossip came to blog prominence when baristas used it as a forum to complain about customers juking the system and using the milk on the condimenent stand after buying an espresso shot to make a latte, a phenomena which was poorly termed the "ghetto latte." I'll be examining why I think these blogs spring up, since the posters don't necessarily work for the company involved, and aren't compensated for it. What gives these blogs flight? Stay tuned.