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Wladimir KlitschkoThe big man put on quite a show in the big room. Wladimir Klitschko played the Garden on Saturday night and he responded the way all of the greats have in the past. With a flair.

Over the first couple of rounds it might have been easy to dismiss Klitschko as a guy who just doesn’t get it. It was frustrating to watch. But here’s why. Calvin Brock was doing the only thing he could do to try to win the fight. He wasn’t going to outbox Klitschko, so he tried to crowd him, tried to work inside. He tried to smother the big guy.

But give Klitschko credit. He stayed composed and he kept popping that jab. That stiff left jab won him the first four rounds. Now here’s where the fight changed. In the fifth, Klitschko finally found the distance. He had enough separation from Brock to make the right hand effective. What gave him that separation? The left jab!!!

With Klitschko immediately establishing that jab, Brock was reluctant to walk into it by the fifth round. So as soon as Brock stayed back, the right hand started finding its home. Once that happened, the fight was over.

OK. So I was off by two rounds with my prediction, but I wrote it here first on TSS, the jab and right hand win the fight for Klitschko.

One last thing, what a moving tribute to Ali – not Laila, Muhammad – as the Garden crowd chanted his name upon entering the arena. That’s all for now. Keep punching!