So I'm going to an information session @ State, as the locals call it, for their MBA program. Having attended an 'engineering school' in undergrad, I'm a bit curious as to how 'business-y' State's program is. Whenever I see the words "quantitative"attributed too many times to a b-school, I have calculus flashbacks (although I did quite well in it). State's program seems to be very real-world oriented, and closely tied to the business and technical community locally. The tuition is also very reasonably, relatively speaking. The only other such information session I attended was for Duke's Fuqua School several years ago, which was kind of like going to a Mercedes dealership. You get the distinct feeling the people are being so unfailingly nice to you because they are about to ask you, with a straight face, to fork over the equivalent of a starter home mortgage for a graduate degree.