Dear Sirius:

As a loyal subscriber and listener for over 18mos now, there are a few things I'd like to suggest to you in terms of stations, programming,etc that I think will help you please your audience. In no particular order they are:

  • Reggae is Not Rock n Roll. Reggae Rhythms (Ch.32) so it should not be in the rock subcategory. We realize rockers were the first to embrace Bob Marley's music in the USA, but those days are long gone. Put it in World or Hip-Hop R&B. Secondly, you are way too 'roots-heavy' with your programming. Given the popularity of dancehall and soca in the music world, you could stand to have a Roots-oriented channel, and a dancehall/soca oriented channel.
  • Prince Deserves a Channel. You impressed me when you added the Rolling Stones channel, but you need to appeal to more than the upper-middle class male Harley riders of the world. Prince has a body of work that will sustain 24 hrs of programming and beyond. P.S. Apple iPod are you paying attention? Where's the PurplePod?
  • Add a Neo-Soul Station. Anthony Hamilton, Maxwell, Jill Scott, and on the hip-hop side, Common, Talib Kweli, the Roots, etc. Heart and Soul (Ch.51) is not bad, but you are crossing generational and taste lines when you go from Jill Scott to Micki Howard back to back. On the hip-hop side, I do like some of the new stuff, but there is a strong and growing 'hip hop for grown folks' demographic out there. This group grew up w/hip-hop, but not necessarily the hustla/gangsta/bust ya in the skull kind. Personally I can't always take Lloyd Banks on the drive to work, follow me.
  • Group that Is Overplayed on Backspin: Whodini. I liked them. I still like them. I do not need to hear them every hour on the hour in heavy rotation like it's 1986. It is to the point I wonder if Jalil is the program director or something. You will hear 'Freaks Come Out at Night' and 'Friends' every DAY.
  • Best Show on Sirius: "The Flash Mash" with the incomparable Grandmaster Flash from 6-9PM on Saturdays. That show takes me back to when you could go to a house or basement party and not worry about your personal safety. Flash plays that wonderfully genre-less blend of house, r&b, disco, and hip-hop from the late 70s/early 80s that was all of those and none of those at the same time. I could listen to a channel of that all day.
Sincerely, Kristalogy