Well...not outright but....for the unintiated, The Secret Diary of (the fake) Steve Jobs is the funniest blog out there right now to me. Whoever the writer is is so dead on Jobs' persona.

From time to time, FSJ posts a 'caption this' photo contest, to mercilessly skewer the objects of his envy, wrath, or both. Generally this means Bill Gates, Walter Mossberg or the two founders of Google - Sergey and Larry. (gosh I sound like a complete geek)

Anyway, this was one he ran last week, and I made the finals! Fake Macbook on the way for me. (not!)

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: Caption winners: "Caption winners

So many good ones this week. I can't choose just one. Here are some standouts, in no particular order:

[The 2 other finalists entries I deleted since this is a G-rated blog. You can see on the original post link on fsj.]

'Make a wish, Sergey.'
'I wish Fake Steve would die, I wish Fake Steve would die...'
Sadly, Sergei was unable to wish his $1,65bn back."