Attended my first pro fight Friday night @ the RBC Center. I have to say, the 'sweet science' brings out a wonderful cross section of America. My two favorite outfits were the guy in the 70s- prom-powder-blue suit with matching gators and baseball hat, and the guy in the double-breasted forest green suit, matching suede shoes, and a light brown mowhawk. Yeah. The fights got progressively better as the night went on; the one above went the full 12 rounds and was very evenly matched. The winner was Jonathan Tubbs out of Atlanta I think.

However, the popular consensus among the :ringside crew" was we definitely saw a dive or two being taken, literally. One guy I swear they must have gotten on his way to the bathroom and asked him to suit up and box. His trunks didn't fit, love handles hanging over the side, and I don't think he got a punch in before he hit the canvas like a fallen redwood. Thankfully RBC has a Jumbotron for the Canes hockey games, so upon further review of the play, as they say...

I was disappointed for my trainer,the WBE champion Bonnie Mann, because her opponent no-showed or "something" so she did not get to fight. This was also the case with 2 other fighters. Now, I don't know all the rules of boxing, but I've never seen a professional sport so loosely and sloppily managed. It seems to be a 'system' that hasn't changed a whole lot since the 1950s. Can you imagine if the Miami Heat just decided not to show up for tonight's season opener? Or if you take a solo professional sport like tennis, 2hrs before and Andre Agassi just doesn't show, or has the flu? Even if they do pull out at the last minute, there's another opponent in the wings, and someone loses some big money behind it. If anyone can enlighten me, please comment. (right : My trainer, WBE Champ Bonnie Mann and and me Friday night)

The crowd of about 1600, was impressive,considerering it was raining and the World Series was on, so hopefully it shows there is a market for boxing in this area. Calvin Brock, the professional heavyweight boxer from Charlotte (who trains at my gym) will be challenging Vladimir Klitchko for the world heavyweight championship in MSG on November 11. Maybe this will become a boxing hotspot then?