Here is one top ten list I'm glad we didn't "win" on. IBM PC division bka Lenovo has 2 on the list, the PC Jr. and OS/2 Warp, to Apple's 3. Two things hurt the PC Jr:

1. It's rubbery 'chicklet' keyboard. Adapting the much-loved Selectric keyboard from IBM's wildy successfuly typewriters to it's PCs remains one of it's smartest moves. Anything other than that the market would not accept.

2. You had to upgrade it via these non-standard plastic "brick" things you snapped on the side. I was so glad we killed that product by the time I got into sales.

Got any other technical luminaries to add?

NOTE: The Gene Simmons Banana Jr. "ad" above is from an April Fool's strip from one of the best comics of all time, Bloom County by Berke Breathed. He spoofed the PC jr and Mac as the Banana Jr. 6000.

P.S. The whole time I'm writing this I'm cringing as I suspect many readers were not even born when these machines were launched (and subsequently sank). --K

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