Want to let you know I've recently signed on as a contributor to the blog, Black Web 2.0. Ideally I'll contribute a post weekly. I'm honored to be a part of this blog and look forward to the experience. Link to my first post here. A little more about Black Web 2.0...

What is Black Web 2.0?

Black Web 2.0 addresses emerging web trends and how they apply to web properties that target African-Americans or African-American culture. There has been a recent surge of websites that target this demographic, some of which were existing and redesigned to take advantage of new web 2.0 technologies while others are start-ups. In addition to website and application launches we will be covering relevant Internet industry news as well as mainstream Internet industry news from an African-American perspective.

Social Networking
Emerging Trends
Digital Media
Web Content

Regular Features
Reviews on Websites and Web Applications.

“5 On It”
A short 5 question interview from individuals in the Internet industry.

“Week in Links”
A weekly list of favorite links from the staff on plug-ins, applications, blogs, and more.

“The Black Web 2.0 Show”
Monthly podcast from key players in the Internet industry.

“Hip-Hop 2.0″
Weekly insight into web 2.0 developments and trends in the Hip-Hop culture.