Thought I'd share a few of blogs I've found interesting recently, REV-elution, Silicon Alley, and Shylock Blogging.

1. Shylock Blogging- as a Sopranos fan, I just liked this one on name alone. The subtitle is "aggressive blogging with some ethics involved." Despite its name, its purpose is how to maximize Google AdSense and others for maximum blogging profits. No word if Silvio and Paulie pay you a visit if you don't click.

2. Silicon Alley - Based in New York, this is the East coast version of ValleyWag, but more true business news and commentary gossip than 'who-came-to-the-Facebook-party-stoned' gossip. Lots of posts daily, so you may want to put this on your portal page rather than RSS.

3. REV-elution - Last but not least I want to throw some link love to a new faith and ethics blog written by a local journalist and pastor. In REV-eleution, noted intellectual, journalist, theologian and pastor the Rev. Carl W. KenneyII blogs here about issues of faith, theology, ethics, politics, and current issues in the news. A seasoned journalist, Kenney's writing is compelling, thought-provoking, sensitive, and radical. (Full disclosure: Rev. Kenney is my former pastor, and one of the coolest you'll ever meet.)