I'm having a moment.

One thing DJs pride themselves on is 'crate digging', searching flea markets, record shops, thrift stores, online, etc for that rare groove or breakbeat no one else owns to add to your record crates.For me, online seems to be the primary method lately, though much less romanticized. (Rent the DJing documentary "Scratch" and watch DJ Shadow crate digging in the crawl space of a record shop barely able to raise his head.)

That said, I've just scored "Unreleased Project-Vol 4" by legendary house DJ and producer Todd Terry I had a Todd Terry house mixtape when I moved to North Carolina from the house music capital of the world, Chicago. Taped it off of the radio station...he was mixing live in the studio. Listening to my Chicago house or stepping tapes curbed my homesickness in that first year or so. Then, it was gone. Just gone. The holy grail mixtape...one of a kind, *poof* just like that.

Imagine my joy when the listing for this vinyl compilation showed up in my reader tonight. All 5 songs were on that mixtape - and I'm grinning like a kid on Christmas day.

Where'd I find it? I'm not telling you! DJs don't reveal their crate digging spots. Stop playin'!