You heard it here first in the Kristasphere boys and girls...

  1. Paris Hilton will have one.
  2. Someone will get shot and/or stabbed to death in line outside an AT&T store on Friday. Over an iPhone.
  3. Despite all the pre-release hype, there will be an "iPhone Sucks" web site up by 12PM.
  4. P.Diddy, Pharrell Williams, or Jay-Z will have one day of announce.
  5. Oprah will give it away on her next 'Favorite Things' show and cause a riot in the city of Chicago.
  6. Fake Steve's blog traffic will bring Blogger to it's knees by 9am.
  7. Fake Steve will not care about #6 because Blogger is run by Google, so it will cheese Sergey and Larry off.
  8. A year from now Apple will have its own proprietary wireless network. Why else would they launch this device on the crappiest service provider there is? (Cingular) It's like serving filet mignon on a trash can lid.