I missed a week of training so got back to the gym to train on yesterday. After warm-up on the elliptical, did several 3 min 'speed rounds' on the heavy bag. This is where you just 'tap' the heavy bag with 1-2s as fast as possible to focus on your cardio conditioning. It also improves hand speed and your arm endurance. After that, we did several combination speed/power rounds, where the first intervals are speed, then when my trainer says, I have to change tempo and start throwing full power 1s and 2s, alternating on her whistle. Finished with jab,cross, hook and hook - straight right - hook combos. I've also focused on sitting down on my shots; you have to briefly plant on the balls of your feet to execute the shot, then quickly move and set up for the next combination. (Hence the term stay on your toes.) It is a split second difference, but if you don't plant, your shot doesn't land properly. We have a speed bag again now at the gym, so I finished with 2 3-minute speed bag rounds. 100 sit ups and 30 pushups for "dessert", and I'm done.