This girl is just pure fire. Her voice is the daughter of vocal soul mothers Dusty Springfield, Aretha Franklin, Betty Wright, Etta James, and Laura Nyro before her. And she is so unpretentious she goes barefoot on stage. I think I wore her 'Soul Sessions' CD down to a nub I played it so much. The difference in her voice and others her age, is the invaluable mentorship she has from the legendary vocalist Betty Wright and the singer/songwriter Angie Stone. You can tell from her phrasing, accent, and passion that she's heeded every bit of what she's been taught. She doesn't over-sing or "go to church"at will. Her tonality is clear and well beyond her years. Like Aretha before her, on track 3 Headturner she sings, "What you want/baby I got it! " Yes girl, you certainly do.