Sopranos fans are the most loyal and long-suffering of any. My friends and family know: do not call me between 9-10 on Sunday nights.Period. I'm not certain my nephew was even born when the last season was on, and he's 20 mos now! I've loved this show from Day 1, but for different reasons than The Wire. The Sopranos is like mental gymnastics. You can break each episode down and analyze it more than the Zapruder films. It is chock-full of symbolism, Greek tragedy, psychology, and just plain Mafia drama. The characters are so deep and fully developed, unlike network televion. You find yourself watching it for the details, not the big picture. I rewatch each episode to catch the nuances I may have missed first time out. Ex.When Michael Imperioli's character,Christopher, shoots a clerk in the foot at a bakery while picking up canoli, I love the comic irony that Michael Imperioli's character was shot in the foot in the movie Goodfellas by Joe Pesci, playing Spider the waiter.

This series' ending is going to leave a huge hole in television drama. Another one like it? Fuggedaboutit!