Ladies will relate to this. You know how hair stylists can be rather nomadic, moving from shop to shop abruptly? Case in point, I've had the same stylist or, "beauty operator" as my grandma would say, ever since I came to North Carolina. In that time she's moved 4 or 5 different times for various reasons. Luckily I've been able to follow her to each new location. Nothing will make you cry faster than calling for an appointment and getting a disconnect message at your beauty shop.

I'm learning the gym/personal training business is much the same way. Haven't been since last Tuesday, because I was informed my trainer was no longer at the same boxing gym. Trust me this turn of events will send you into the same tailspin panic as getting the disconnect message when you call the beauty shop! (The back story has more drama than All My Children, so I won't elaborate here.)

The same dynamic is at work in both cases. Both industries depend heavily on interpersonal skills as technical skill in their respective fields. Both are fee-based and gratuity driven.
If you are adept at both, you will have an immensely loyal following, positive word-of-mouth, and annuity-like revenue stream. My trainer's new gym is going to be a longer drive for me, but she is good, and I like the results so I don't mind. I didn't intend for this to be a marketing/customer service lesson post, but as I'm typing I realize that is what it boils down to.