My favorite team and favorite male artist at the Superbowl?!!! I just won't know how to act. I may need oxygen! Anyway, here's The Kristasphere's All-Time Greatest Prince songs playlist for your Pre-Superbowl party. Editor's Note: I'm no Superbowl Weekend Prince fan; I've been down from Day 1. If you don't have anything pre-1999/Purple Rain, you ain't an original Prince fan. I have everything from the "For You" album up through "Under the Cherry Moon" on original vinyl, after which I regrettably went to cassettes then CDs. (leave a comment if you need an album reference for these.)

  1. 17 Days
  2. Controversy
  3. Head
  4. When You Were Mine
  5. Private Joy
  6. Let's Work
  7. Irrisistable *#@!%
  8. She's Always In My Hair
  9. Musicology
  10. Batdance (Purple Party Mix)
  11. Sign Of The Times
  12. Baby I'm a Star
  13. I Would Die 4 U (live extended version)
  14. Black Sweat
  15. Uptown
  16. I Wanna Be Your Lover
  17. All the Critics Love You in New York
  18. The Beautiful Ones
  19. Erotic City
  20. If I Was Your Girlfriend