Had my first meeting inside Lenovo's new HQ building. I'm really excited about moving in later this month. Very modern decor, as opposed to the government-office look of old. Think the set of Mode Magazine on ABC's Ugly Betty, but without the bright primary-color walls. True to Southern form, you don't just drive up and turn in to the parking lot, as with any edifice around here. For some reason I've yet to figure out in 14 years of being a transplanted Southerner, they want you to have the loooooooong drive down the veranda past a half-mile of azalea bushes, pansies, (and your building!) before you get to any building. I mean from office buildings to apartments to McDonald's practically, you can't just whip in to anywhere down here, unlike "up North" as the locals refer to it. Maybe it's the whole 'Tara' thing?

I'll post pics if it's cool with the legal eagles.