"Every time I open my mouth, no one wants to hear the truth." --Bunny Colvin

I think this line speaks prophetically for this series. It's received no Emmys because no one wants in Hollywood wants to hear or see the truth. We'd rather watch fools humiliate themselves eating maggots trying to win a million dollars on Fear Factor.

The Wire just smacks you in the face in the opening scenario when we find a inconsolable and in need of a fix Andre' Royo as Bubbles(above right) coming down to the homicide unit to confess and ask to be locked up for the accidental poisoning of his nephew Sherrod. In a recent interview I read with Mr. Royo, he shared how he'd already gotten a 'street Oscar.' After wrapping a day's shooting, but still in character and make-up, Royo was heading to his trailer when a real-life junkie approached him and said, "Man, here take this, you don't look good, you need a fix." and proceeded to shove a bag of heroin in his hand. Yeah, the acting is THAT good.
When the detectives leave Bubble's in the interrogation room, they return to find him hanging from the ceiling by his belt, but are able to cut him down and save him. The fact that this made me, and I'm sure every Wire fan in the world cry out "Oh God, Bubs no!" really speaks to the depth of character development this show carves out.

I'd conclude this the best season by saying this is a show you feel. You breathe a sigh of relief when Namond's father agrees to let Mr. Colvin and his wife raise him. You share Carver's frustration and guilt when he is forced to leave Randy at a group home. Your heart sinks to see Duquan hustling crack on the corner. You feel helpless at Michael's continued downward spiral from doting big brother, into what truly is organized crime, though we don't call it that when it's in the 'hood. You want to take Randy out of that group home and raise him yourself. You smile to see the old major crimes unit, including a 'couldn't stay away' Jimmy McNulty and Kima Griggs, back together again and finally finding the litany of bodies boarded up in the vacants.
You fall out laughing at Omar's cavalier gall going back to Prop Joe's appliance store to pick up his clock, after he's robbed Joe blind of his entire drug shipment.

Here's a standing ovation to The Wire from me, even if they never get one from your peers in Hollywood. Well done. Thanks for the weekly wake-up call.