This post over at THINKblog jumped out at me since: 1) it pertains to my job, and 2)I'm doing a running segment on web branding pages. What started this debate?

"What is the relevancy of a homepage when no one is going through the front door?" asked Burnham Marketing CEO, Jason Burnham, who was moderating a table discussion at the December iMedia Agency Summit on the future of home pages.

They go on to say that(despite Mr. Burnham's question) only 28% of users are employing RSS feeds today, refuting the notion that most people are bypassing a homepage visit completely. The folks at THINKblog concluded:

Homepages are still not going away - Though many users sidestep homepages, they remain a brand's storefront in the digital realm. It may provide the first and most important impression. Customization through RSS still has a long way to go before generating the kind of reach a homepage can drive for an advertiser.

See the complete article here.

And I'm breathing a sigh of relief.