Yesterday, I had my first sit-down with the ad agency folks since taking this job. When these folks roll in from Madison Avenue - all Prada, Gucci, Blackberries, and Seven for All Mankind- they must feel like they've been transported into an episode of Green Acres in comparison. We boast what, 30 pair of khaki Dockers per capita? I mean, I'm thinking I'm doing well to have my Michael Kors suit I got on clearance, right?

So I go get my business cards trying to act like I've got some savvy. Of course, upon exchange, the agency's cards are as uber-hip as they are: more squared, thicker (read: expensive), in a two-tone color scheme probably designed by Frank Gehry or somebody. In comparison, I feel like mine look like something just dropped off by the Staples van at the front in a shrink-wrapped box.

Dahling I love ya, but give me Park Av-e-nue! ;-)