You may have noticed the 'Keep A Child Alive' icon hotspot in the right sidebar on 'The Kristasphere'. This is an organization I believe so strongly in and personally have supported for a few years now. Since it's World AIDS Day, I want to devote a post to this wonderful organization.

I admit, I found out about this organization because I'm a huge Alicia Keys fan. I went to her concert when she last toured and she ran a clip about KCA during the show, and had inserts in her CD with more information. Alicia is the spokesperson for this organization and truly "walks it like she talks it" by contributing, promoting, fundraising, building and spending significant time in Africa at the clinics and orphanages KCA supports.

Their mission is simple: by literally contributing a dollar per day, you can pay for the medicines to save a child in Africa who has HIV. That's it. No strings. Money goes straight towards the purchase of anti-retroviral drugs. $30 a month. Simple as that. Save a child's life today. What more rewarding thing in life could there be? Go to Keep A Child Alive's site here. See for yourself what they're about, and I pray you decide to support them. Peace --K