...but not what you think....I realize I didn't blog this week about my boxing workout. I was "KO'd" this week by a stomach virus, which when it cleared up was followed by a bad sinus infection. I swear if they had a vaccine for the so-called 'stomach flu' I'd be the first in line. It has always just cratered me, even as a child, and I hate it. Net-net no sweet science for me this week.

Last week, I'd just begun to learn counter-punching, and I didn't get to practice any further. In this case, when a body shot comes to the right side, you 'windshield wiper' or lean down to the right with your elbow covering your side. Then you quickly throw an upper cut from the same side to play "defense", then a left hook, and a right cross. Mind you, you've thrown two 'offense' combinations prior to this, so you have little to no wind left by the time the counterpunch part comes up. So I get the timing down and I'm celebrating like I'm about to get a belt, to which my trainer responds, "Okay two more rounds." Need I tell you I collapsed on the canvas afterward?