Omar Little(above left) is hands down the best character EVER created on television. When he broke out with another "Do tell!" Bad thing is, Omar and his lover/partner in crime Renaldo (above right) are doing better undercover police work than the police! Staking out the various members of the crime co-op in a yellow cab, Omar concludes(as only Omar can) "If it's what I think it is, our little clutch of chickens might be putting all their eggs up in one basket."

Love it how Omar brings a wicked sense of humor to everything. Bringing that mantle clock in the repair shop and telling Prop Joe the clock "ran outta time" while holding a cannon of a gun on him was beyond priceless...then making him write a ticket up on it? Brilliant, brilliant comedy....Chris goofing and dancing to Lean Wit It Rock Wit It was a TOTAL departure. Like the nerd at the school dance, minus the Tech-9.

Michael=kingpin in the making. Every real or imagined story of a kingpin, from Tony Montana to Sam Giancana starts out this way; tough times and abuse go in to a person so much, they come back out ten times harder in the form of a kingpin. He'll be the next Marlowe for next'll break Cutty's heart too.

The boys.... are still just kids. That caper they pulled setting up the crooked cop to dump a can of yellow paint on him proves they are more boys than gangsters at heart.

Dukie is not gonna do well w/o Prez shepherding him.

I just wanted to hug that little boy Albert; my God I cannot imagine at his age going to school after having found my mother dead on the couch. When he said "Mee-maw said it was best to go to school but....oh my heart sank." As put it "the emotional neglect inflicted on these kids is staggering." If you missed it, in the 'corner kids' class, Albert had 2 episodes of major acting out and stomped out of the room. So Bunny and the school counselor got him by himself and got him to open up about it.

Lester Freemon is back under Col. Daniels, and back to his genius detective work. After Bunk is tipped off by Carver that Herc dropped the ball on bringing a key murder witness to him, Bunk and Lester head off to the playground where the murder took place. Lester, remembering Herc confiscated a nail gun from Chris and Snoop's truck, examines the nails boarding up the vacants and deduces "this is a tomb. (the murder victim) is in here." Which Herc, the dumbest cop since Barney Fife, should have been able to piece together if he had a brain.

Two more episodes to go. If you are a fan I'd love to hear your take on this episode or the season. --K