Not 100% sure what to make of the 'snarkiness' the author takes. I get the sense there was a lot of eye-rolling in the crowd assembled for this. Entertaining, at a minimum, it seems. I'd rather see Wynton Marsalis at Lincoln Center, if I were going.

OgilvyOne to Marketers: Let's Get Digital: "The boys on stage at OgilvyOne’s big digital convergence at Jazz at Lincoln Center yesterday looked suspiciously like they had wandered in from Internet World circa 1999…earnest young West Coast geeks, with big ideas and even bigger peer influence, making fortunes crafted from bits, bytes, and blogs.

OgilvyOne, the digital arm of the big ad agency, had managed to wrangle a red-carpet’s worth of Web 2.0 talent to dazzle its 700 clients and guests at the private affair: YouTube Co-founder and CEO Chad Hurley, he of the brushed-back hair and recently pumped-up wallet; grizzled relationship advisor Shawn Gold, whose day job is VP of Content for MySpace; Tom Gerace, founder and CEO of; Stewart Butterfield, Co-founder of Flickr; and Nick Grouf, co-founder of Spot Runner, among them.

While exuberant about their companies' prospects, these young entrepreneurs weren’t spouting the same business-model –free tripe that got their older brethren (and all of us trusting investors) in so much trouble six years ago. While conceding that most of their businesses were still struggling to make money, they nonetheless offered -- under none-too-gentle probing by Old Media rep Michael Wolff -- some insights into what marketers should know in attempting to navigate this techtonic media sh"