I've held up on this post because I haven't come up with a clever name for this segment just yet. At any rate....

Part of my job description pertains to managing the "non-product" content of our web site. This includes the task of conveying our company's personality/character/identity/brand. Typically this is he section of a website where you see all the cool flash videos pop out and graphics fly around the screen to 130bpm techno music or something else jaw dropping. Hence, I've decided to devote a significant segment of The Kristasphere to analysis and critique of these personality/ character/ identity/brand sections of various websites.

This is a section of the web I find is often overlooked or taken for granted as 'fluff', as it is technically the non-revenue part of the site. While technically true, in reality, that's highly idealistic thinking. (what I call the "should" mentality) The first two steps in the sales cycle always involve establishing a rapport with a customer and gaining their interest. When I look at it from this standpoint, if you are a new company or product, you are wasting time and money to only throw what amounts to an electronic price ad up on your site and expect Playstation 3-like crowds to come running because it's a 'good deal'. No one knows who you are, what you are about, or why they should buy from you.

Quick example: If I offer to sell you a new Mercedes sedan at 5% below invoice, you might take it because you know of the company, what the Mercedes brand represents, quality, etc. If I offer to sell you a new Chery Fulwin II sedan at 5% below invoice, what's your reaction? Who or what is that, right? Never heard of them, never seen it, don't know what quality, fuel efficiency, stability,etc. it has. Are they a green company? Do they offer alternative fuel vehicles? (Chery is a new auto maker in China FYI.)

This is the sub-genre I plan to explore. My first review and critique is almost finished so stay tuned.--K