3 minutes never seemed so long...I so understand the infamous words "no mas" now.

My personal trainer surprised me by saying after shadowboxing and mitt work for 5-6 rounds, I'd get to spar her for two or three rounds. Yeah. Before you think I've lost my mind, the deal was, she put on the headgear and pads, and I threw punches, they didn't. I'm just doing this to get in shape, not to become a contender.

As I've said before, hitting a stationary heavy bag is one thing, but a human moving target will leave you whiffing at the air like Don Quixote chasing windmills for real. I did land some punches though which was cool. I felt like my left hook was working really well, and my uppercuts. (My left jab still needs a whole lot of work since I'm right handed.) I understand more and more why real boxers jump rope; your legs need the conditioning and stamina, especially the calf area, and keeps you light on your feet. Anyway I am not ashamed to say I co-llapsed on the canvas after this part of my training was over, trying to get my breathing back together.

Well, I at least got to live out my Laila Ali fantasy for a long 6 minutes.

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