So I went to the information session last night for NC State's MBA program. Very,very cool; a lot of my fears were assuaged. I'm still a little on the fence about online v. classroom format, but I am at least considering classroom after last night's session. After fighting the rush hour traffic to the main campus, I suspect I will look at their RTP campus! The opponents of mass transit in this area should have to brave that drive for a few days; they'd change their minds.

What I liked about NC State's program was that it was refreshingly unpretentious, and very real-world. I had enough theory in undergrad to last a lifetime; and the term that resonated throughout the session was "you will really use this." Tuition is a terrific value, considering the quality of education offered.

I could also tell by the age group and questions regarding teamwork, that many of those in attendance went to undergrad in the "go-go 80s" where it was almost a "kill or be killed" environment with your classmates. They, like me, had a healthy skepticism about being assigned to work in a team for graduate coursework. What I quickly realized was the competition element is basically a moot point. In undergrad what you were competing for were jobs and salaries. With the part-time format, everyone is already employed, so that removes the fear of a cutthroat environment in my mind.

Of course there were a couple "pieces of work" in the crowd. I'm still trying to get over the person that asked if the Robert Gallo they mentioned as an executive speaker was "as in Gallo wines" and would there be a free wine tasting if he came back again? Now watch them end up in my group!